Course Description

These courses are open to all, who, by law, are allowed to treat ill people,
i.e. have an officially recognized medical or therapeutic profession.

In Namibia this means practitioners, being persons registered and authorised to practice under
a) Allied Health Services Professions Act (newest publication)
b) Medical and Dental Professions Act (newest publication)
c) Nursing Professions Act (newest publication)

Method Hanne Marquardt

 Course I 
Course I introduces the method. You will learn the basics and gain the necessary theoretical understanding. These are immediately applied practically on the course. 
Duration: 4 days, 40 teaching hours, 31 full hours, 31 CEU's
The topics covered are: The seated human form in the foot - The grip and its application - Indication und contraindication - Signs of dosagelimits - Balancing grips - Circumspect treatment of symptomatic zones - Structure of treatments - Reactions during treatment intervals - Acute situation treatment - Accompanying measures - Prescription and utilization of Reflexotherapy - Help during the beginning

 Course II 
Course II requires that you have worked practically and it will increase your scope of treatment capabilities by introducing interrelationships and correlations.
Duration: 4 days, 40 teaching hours, 31 full hours, 31 CEU's
The topics covered are: Considerations during a treatment series - Face and neck interdependencies - Teeth and their correlations to the body - Reflexzones of the pelvic bands and the hip area - Segmental  correlations - Scars and their treatment - Accompanying emotional reactions - Enhanced grip-methods - Eutonic grips

 Course III 
Course III repeats the topics of Course II by way of a clinical picture. It deepens your knowledge and applicability of the reflexzones of the lymphatic system and delves into salient points brought up by the group. 
Duration: 4 days, 40 teaching hours, 31 full hours, 31 CEU's
The topics covered are: Clinical picture to repeat the topics of Course II - Reflexzones of the lymphatic system - Reflexotherapy on the feet of the lymphatic system - Reactions during Reflexotherapy on the feet of the lymphatic system - Meridian-interrelationships - Additional topics

 Course IV + Examination 
The examination is of a practical nature and determines to which degree you have mastered the materials of Reflexotherapy.
The examination consists of two parts:
  A time to prepare yourself, during which you will be accompanied by your teachers in preparation for the examination. You will cover all topics putting emphasis on those in which you request additional help. - 2 days (16 hours)
And the practical examination. - 3rd day, 1.5 hours

Supplemental Courses - Susan Callard

 Topic Days 
The topic days draw from my trove of experience with Reflexotherapy and I shall practically develop with you the possibilities and capabilities of the method that can be easily and effectively combined within the scope of the topic covered during this day.
Duration: 1 day, 10 teaching hours
The following topic days are existent: 1) Joints, ligaments, extremities 2) Back and spine  3) Colds and flu 4)  Allergies and immune deficiencies 5)  Gynaecology  6) Pregnancy 7)  Treatment of children in typical child illnesses  8) Heart and lung, stomach and spleen  9) Liver and gallbladder, kidney and bladder  10) Digestive system and sense-organs (eye and ear)  11) Scars  12)  Meridians 13) Hand and foot  14) Teeth 15) Finding the golden thread of the treatment (-series)


Because of the demand, I also offer Workgroups. In these workgroups you meet other practitioners, treat each other, repeat topics from the courses and gain confidence in treating your patients. Workgroups take place in the evening and are for:

Practical repetition, grip-technique and harmonizing grips
Having your questions answered
Gain confidence in documenting your treatments(-series)
Repetition of specific topics like Acute-treatment or Assessment
Finding back into the method, especially if you have not worked with it much, or could not
General aide to gaining confidence in your treatments.

Some dates will cover a specific topic, some will be open for repetition, some dates will only be for participants of Course II and III.

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